Idjwi Island

South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

2S°8'21" 29E°4'6"

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About Idjwi Island

Idjwi island, in Lake Kivu, is part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and is situated on Lake Kivu between Rwanda and the DRC. The island has more than 250,000 inhabitants, but is not connected to a regional power grid, has no paved roads, and no running water. The island is largely known for being in the midst of a prolonged humanitarian crisis and has little to no tourism infrastructure.

Traveling to Idjwi Island

Vayando is currently only operating on Idwe Island in the DRC. When booked, a local guide will meet you in Gisenye, Rwanda and cross the border with you to Goma, DRC, where you will take a ferry together to Idjwe Island.


There is no electrical grid on the island and no paved roads. Local restaraunts are available. Some overnight accommodations will have electrical generators with intermittant power.