Triangulo Solidario

San Jose Province, Costa Rica

9N°56'53" 84W°3'17"

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About Triangulo Solidario

El Triangulo Solidario is a low-income community living in extreme poverty. Some people refer to it as the urban slums or favelas of San Jose. It is a community of approximately 500 households and 2,000 people living on a plot of land of 27,000 square meters that was given to them by the government. There have been repeated talks of closing down the area, however, no moves have been made yet. El Nino y La Bola is a not-for-profit organization that is working to empower leaders inside the community in order to create community-wide change inside El Triangulo.

Traveling to Triangulo Solidario

Travelers must go through El Nino y La Bola to enter the community. In order to avoid any sort of 'poverty tourism' and for safety precautions, it is important to learn the background information before entering. We advise you to wear modest clothes.


No other amenities inside El Triangulo besides small family-owned convenience stores.