San Jose Province, Costa Rica

9N°52'10" 84W°14'17"

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About Quitirrisi

Quitirrisi is home to the Guetares (or Huetares) indigenous people. Located in the Central Valley, 32 km south east of the capital, this region is arid and mountainous with beautiful lush green landscapes and picturesque views. The indigenous territory was legally recognized in 1976. After a long fight over land grabs, the Guetares were granted 900 hectares. In 2001, the government expanded the area to 2,250 hectares. Of 1,500 residents, most work in agriculture and produce artisan hand-craft goods. The town has one primary school with approximately 200 students who receive mainstream education. However, it lacks other essential services such as a health care and higher education opportunities. As a result, many young people are leaving Quitirrisi to find better opportunities and the indigenous traditions and wisdom are at the risk of being lost.

Traveling to Quitirrisi

In San Jose, catch the bus that goes to Puriscal from the Coca Cola Bus Station. It leaves every 20 minutes or so from early morning until 10:00pm. It costs less than 1,000 colones ($2) and is about 45minutes to 1 hour ride from San Jose to the Reserve. When you reach Ciudad Colon, you have about 20 more minutes on a windy road through the mountains. Ask the bus driver to let you off at the bus stop called “alto de Quitirrissi”. That is the entrance to the indigenous community.


Two small, family-owned grocery stores