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$30 per person


Duration: 3.5 hours
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Difficulty: Difficult
Start Time: 8am
Weekly: Mon - Fri
Seasons: Jan - Dec


English Level: Low
Languages: Spanish


What's provided

Host will provide lunch. Breakfast can be requested in advance. Host will lead with a machete.

What you should bring

Boots, long breathable pants, drinking water, bug repellent, sunscreen. If you would like, you can bring a small knife or machete for fruit trees found along the way.

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Hillside Farming with Maritza

  1. Costa Rica
  2. ·
  3. San Jose Province
  4. ·
  5. Quebrada Honda

Spend a day with Maritza on her hillside organic farm, where she grows lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, fruit trees, herbs, ornamental plants and a lot more. She will take you around to learn about her farming practices, as well as meet the local animals that help maintain an organic, sustainable food system. You will meet her white horse and goat, chickens, ducks, pigs, and perhaps some snakes...(wear boots). Maritza knows her farm well and will lead the way.

The types of produce you will see varies on the season. And if you happen to come during the rainy season, be prepared for a full waterfall. Between November and May, things start to dry up, creating space for other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Maritza's hand-made irrigation system from the local water source keeps the farming going year-round.

"I want to always have work to do. I want to be an independent woman."
- Maritza

About Maritza

Maritza likes to stay busy. She is the only farmer in the village and manages her farm mostly by herself. She lives with her partner and son. The neighboring community is small with only 4 houses. Maritza finds enthusiasm in planting and watching her plants grow, organically. She's happiest when she's working with her goats, chickens, animals, trees and crops.

Her dream is to have a greenhouse and work in hydroponics. She loves to work in something that is natural. She feels that she can set an example for the community. Most people in the community work in factories and construction in neighboring cities. Maritza believes in the work that she does and she hopes that she can help spread the idea and importance of growing and eating organic.

Work Experience

Maritza has over 30 years farming experience. She began selling her own produce at the organic market 2 years ago. She believes that organic farming helps to avoid sickness, disease and cancers. Furthermore, she believes that traditional practices and traditional seed varieties taste better! She will give you samples. She knows that small-scale farming is important to Costa Rica and to the world. She uses her profits to pay for her son's studies. Maritza believes in creating her own income. She wants to be an independent woman.