Quebrada Honda

San Jose Province, Costa Rica

9N°54'22" 84W°14'53"

Entrepreneurs Around Town

About Quebrada Honda

The little community of Quebrada Honda is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, a 5 minute bus ride from the cozy town of Ciudad Colon and a 30 minute ride from the airport. Quebrada Honda is a local community of traditional Costa Rican houses spread across a little mountainside in between two rivers. Most of the community commutes to other areas and is hired to work in construction or factories. There are not many local job opportunities. In general, the greater region is a mix of local farmers, Costa Rican professionals, foreign expats and international graduate students who come to study at the United Nations University for Peace. The town boasts a lively, yet quaint reputation, ranked the safest county in Costa Rica. Ciudad Colon boasts a beautiful Cultural Center and shop, where the work of local artists can be found. Work from the indigenous Quitirissi can be found there, or at the local farmers market on Saturdays where people come from all over to get fresh produce and homemade bread.

Traveling to Quebrada Honda

From San Jose take the bus to Ciudad Colon or Puriscal, which run every 20 minutes or so. From where the bus leaves you off at the central park in Ciudad Colon, wait for the bus that goes to Puriscal (if you are not on it already) and as the driver to let you know when you are just before the bridge in Quebrada Honda. (Me podria avisar cuando estamos antes del Puente en Quebrada Honda?) The bus runs between $1-2 from San Jose to Ciudad Colon (depending on if its Direct or not) and $1 to Quebrada Honda.


Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery, Bus, Artisan Shops – All of the above. There is a hotel in La Trinidad which is a 5 minute taxi ride, however, it is on the luxurious-side or there are options in Santa Ana. There are no readily available backpackers options, however, comfortably priced homestays are available upon request.