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$75 per person


Duration: 2 hours
Group Size: 1 - 30 people
Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult
Start Time: 9am, 4pm, or 7pm
Weekly: Mon - Fri
Seasons: Jan - Dec


English Level: Low
Languages: Spanish, Italian


What's provided

Host will provide spray paint, paper, tape, goggles, gloves, fan, masks, etc. You will leave with about 5 paintings.

What you should bring

Clothes that may get dirty (however it is not messy art) and a good attitude.

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Spray Painting with Sidartta

  1. Costa Rica
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  3. San Jose Province
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  5. Curridabat

Participate in a visual art workshop inside Sidhartta's home studio and gallery. The space is a creative expression of the people that come to it. Sidharrta's home studio welcomes you to collaborate and leave your mark. Learn how to experiment with alternative art techniques, new methods and unique styles. Use spray paint, acrylics, and a fusion of techniques. Let Sidharttha teach you about bi-dimensional art works, installations, object art and space intervention. Finally, learn how to make an amazing spray paint art in just 5 minutes. Be sure to ask Sidharttha about his own unique art inventions, including his re-used spray-paint bottle lamps!

"My whole life is about art; I live off of it and it is my passion."
- Sidartta

About Sidartta

Sidhartta was born and raised in a multicultural family of artists in Costa Rica. His mother is Costa Rican, his father is from El Salvador and his grandmother was a Japanese Buddhist (hence, his name). His family immigrated to Costa Rica during El Salvador's decade-long civil war.

Sidhartta loves art and the work he does specifically, because he feels it is a great way to stay creative. Through art, he finds new ways to see and understand life. His current goals are to learn how to turn his waste products into art. This is what you see in his new collection of spray paint bottle lamps. You can find Sidhartta's work in high-end galleries as well as on the streets of San Jose.

Work Experience

Having grown up in an artistic family, Sidhartta has been pursuing art professionally for 17 years. His father was a painter and his mother designed clothes and worked with ceramics. His parents along with his uncle and some of their artists friends, were pioneers of art in Latin America. In addition to art techniques, they taught Sidhartta philosophy, experimentation as well as hard work and dedication. Sidharttha jokes that he met his parents in a weird Universe.

When Sidhartta was 22, he had the opportunity to spend three months in Italy following a serendipitous meeting with an Italian man while painting in the streets of San Jose. This experience marked his life forever. When he returned to Costa Rica, he was able to further his artistic career with a new level of expertise, inspiration and investment money. Today, his art is featured in high-end galleries but he continues to produce in the streets and in his home studio. He believes art should be accessible to everyone.