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$30 per person


Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 1 - 5 people
Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult
Start Time: 4pm
Weekly: Sun - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec

Kathya and Cinthya

English Level: Low
Languages: Spanish


What's provided

Goggles and masks.

What you should bring

Comfortable clothes for hot weather. Clothes might get dusty.

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Lamp Making with Kathya and Cinthya

  1. Costa Rica
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  3. San Jose Province
  4. ·
  5. Ciudad Colon

Come spend the afternoon with 2 sisters who have created their own unique art, business and life together. Learn how to cut, shape and sandpaper PVC pipes in order to create home-designed lamps. Pick out a lamp design or create your own. Feel free to bring your own image, photo or idea to create. Then learn how to use hand drills to cut shapes and watch the light come through. Put the final touches on the lamps with some paint and then join Kathya and Cinthya in their home for some coffee and a snack.

"There are people who have a business just to make business. I do this with joy."
- Kathya and Cinthya

About Kathya and Cinthya

A few years ago, Cinthya met an old man selling these beautiful lamps at the hotel where she worked. The lamps caught Cinthya's eye and she learned to make them herself by asking him questions and doing her own research. Little by little, the two sisters raised money to buy the tools and make the lamps on their own. Once the first few lamps were built, they learned how to paint. When people saw the finished products, they were really impressed. As people began to recognize their work, Kathya and Cinthya realized that they want to establish their own business. Many people in town buy the lamps as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, yoga centers, Christmas, and personalized pieces.

Work Experience

Kathya & Cinthya are natural entrepreneurs. They started the lamp-making business without having all the skills. But with their natural talent and hard work, their lamps are well-recognized and they are proud to be creating something unique. Their goal is to continue growing and experimenting with new designs and materials. Previously, it has been hard for them to make enough money because all of the places they worked for paid them the minimum wage. Their dream is to grow the lamp-making business to be the primary source of income by improving their skills and showcasing their talent to potential customers. The two sisters work really well together as a family and they are working towards achieving their shared dream.