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$30 per person


Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 1 - 7 people
Difficulty: Moderate
Start Time: 9am or 2pm
Weekly: Mon - Fri
Seasons: Jan - Dec


English Level: Low
Languages: Spanish


What's provided

Sewing machines and tools. Light snack and coffee.

What you should bring

1 meter or 1.5 meters of fabric (local price $6), which can be purchased locally.

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Kimono Making with Esther

  1. Costa Rica
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  3. San Jose Province
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  5. Ciudad Colon

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew? Esther will teach you how to cut and mend fabric on 2 different types of sewing machines to make your own custom-made kimono. Bring your own style of fabric (between 1 meter and 1.5 meters) from home or purchased at a local store in town (for about $6). One of the machines is like a child to Esther- it is her mother's sewing machine. Esther says that while all men growing up always had a machete, Esther's Mom always had her sewing machine.

"When we first started this project it lit us up, literally. We work really well as a family team and we would like this to be our primary source of income one day."
- Esther

About Esther

Esther believes that she can manifest her dreams and she is determined to do so. She writes her intentions down each year and at the end of the year she notices that she has crossed many off the list. She aspires for her little shop to grow to be able to sustain her family. She likes working in her shop- not just for business but for the opportunity to meet and speak to many people. If she starts to make a lot of money, she would like to help one person or family that really needs support. She is happy now as she is. She is not a millionaire; she does not waste anything. She saves her money so that she can travel with her three daughters. Esther's ultimate dream is that before she dies she will see her daughters with their own professions, married, and most importantly, happy.

Work Experience

Esther grew up interested in arts and hand-crafted items. When she was six or seven years old she received dolls as presents. Whenever her mother was away, Esther would sneak onto the sewing machine and make clothes for her dolls. Most of Esther's sewing and art skills are self-taught, having left school early due to issues with epilepsy. She has been sewing professionally for over 20 years now. When Esther was divorced from her husband, it was the only thing she could do to be at home raising three children and still bring in some income. She raised her children largely on her own and sewing has allowed her to support her children and be at home with them when they were younger.