$30 per person
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Culinary Experience in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica · Hosted by Sandra and Family

2 hours
1 - 18 people
Low Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 10am or 5pm
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

At Sandra's house, you will meet 3 generations of artists whose life revolves around hosting people in their home. Their house is located just outside of town down a dirt road where life is calm and quiet. Sandra will invite her 72 year old mother to teach you the traditional practice of making tortillas by hand, an experience that is being lost rapidly in Costa Rica. Feel free to ask questions about this cross-generational activity, which Sandra’s mother began 65 years ago. Get your hands on some fresh corn powder and see how round you can get your patties. Then sit down to enjoy a traditional Tico plate with some hot tortillas! Before you go, check out Sandra’s paintings, Pablo’s woodwork, and the rest of the family’s artistic talents!

What's provided

Host will provide a meal, coffee, hot homemade tortillas, and good conversation!

What your should bring

Bring drinking water, a camera, and your appetite!


About Sandra and Family

Sandra is one member of an entire family of artistic entrepreneurs. They are known around town as being a really hard-working family that always works together. Sandra likes to invite people into her home because she likes to grow her community. She says that at her house there are “no visitors, only family”. Sandra learned how to cook and make traditional homemade tortillas by her mother. She enjoys being able to share this experience with others. She has worked hard to keep her family together (all literally living on the same compound) and also be creative in finding sources of income to be able to send her children to school.