Ciudad Colon

San Jose Province, Costa Rica

9N°54'57" 84W°14'27"

Entrepreneurs Around Town

Kimono Making with Esther Ciudad Colon, San Jose Province

Esther believes that she can manifest her dreams and she is determined to do so. She writes her intentions down each year and at the end of the year she notices that she has crossed many off the list. She aspires for her little shop to grow to be able to sustain her family. She likes working in her shop- not just for business but for the opportunity to meet and speak to many people. If she starts to make a lot of money, she would like to help one person or family that really needs support. She is happy now as she is. She is not a millionaire; she does not waste anything. She saves her money so that she can travel with her three daughters. Esther's ultimate dream is that before she dies she will see her daughters with their own professions, married, and most importantly, happy.

Cooking with Sandra and Family Ciudad Colon, San Jose Province

Sandra is one member of an entire family of artistic entrepreneurs. They are known around town as being a really hard-working family that always works together. Sandra likes to invite people into her home because she likes to grow her community. She says that at her house there are “no visitors, only family”. Sandra learned how to cook and make traditional homemade tortillas by her mother. She enjoys being able to share this experience with others. She has worked hard to keep her family together (all literally living on the same compound) and also be creative in finding sources of income to be able to send her children to school.

Mosaic Art with Rodrigo Ciudad Colon, San Jose Province

Rodrigo and his wife, Yani, came to Costa Rica because they wanted to build an artistic life and community here. They were attracted to the fact that they could live and work in proximity to nature and tranquility in Ciudad Colon. There is so much culture and art in this town. Plus, they get to enjoy the sun everyday. Rodrigo believes it is noble to be able to express himself personally through art. There are no limits. Rodrigo has a dream to make Ciudad Colon the first mosaic city in Latin America. Wherever he goes he believes he can contribute something that will make the place more beautiful.

Lamp Making with Kathya and Cinthya Ciudad Colon, San Jose Province

A few years ago, Cinthya met an old man selling these beautiful lamps at the hotel where she worked. The lamps caught Cinthya's eye and she learned to make them herself by asking him questions and doing her own research. Little by little, the two sisters raised money to buy the tools and make the lamps on their own. Once the first few lamps were built, they learned how to paint. When people saw the finished products, they were really impressed. As people began to recognize their work, Kathya and Cinthya realized that they want to establish their own business. Many people in town buy the lamps as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, yoga centers, Christmas, and personalized pieces.

About Ciudad Colon

Just outside San Jose, surrounded by stunning mountains and lush forests, the welcoming town of Ciudad Colon provides a unique Costa Rican atmosphere away from the hustle of the city. Ciudad Colon is a typical Costa Rican town- a place where customs and culture are well preserved. Ciudad Colon is home to the UN mandated University for Peace, making it a multicultural hub, with students from literally all over the world residing in the area. It's famous for its pleasant climate, proximity to nature, folkloric traditions, horse riding, mountain biking and multiculturalism. Ciudad Colon is the only city apart from San Jose that has protected buildings, and traditional town festivities are common in town. Despite being a tranquil little town-there is always something going on! You will find people playing volleyball or children skateboarding in the park, and on Tuesdays the Feria Verde draws young people from different areas to enjoy live music and organic food.

Traveling to Ciudad Colon

From San Jose, take the bus from the Coca Cola bus station. The bus takes approximately 45 minutes. A bus right from Ciudad Colon to most places in San Jose cost about 350 Colones. The town is located only 25 km from the airport, and you can get a taxi for about 40 USD.


In the city center you will find small artisanal shops, supermarkets, several restaurants and sodas. There are a couple of hotels in the area- we recommend Hotel Villa Colon located 500 meters from the city center.

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