Cane Mill with Noemy and Johnny

Learn how to cut, peel and process sugar cane using a traditional mill that is operated by horses (traditionally, oxen). Watch the sweet juice pour out as the sugar cane is passed through the mill. Then, help stir the juice over a wood burning fire to create a thick soup. When it is ready, you will pour the mixture into traditional molds, to form the sugar cane final product. Add peanuts, herbs, and different flavors to your liking. Then later, when everything has cooled down, enjoy some local food, such as patacones or banana ceviche, served on banana leaves. Just don't leave before the sugar cane candies are ready to eat with some coffee! About 50 years ago there was only dulce from sugar cane, there was no processed sugar. Now everything is industrialized and everyone just buys sugar. From sugar cane, we can make sweet juice, candies. honey, caramel, and have natural sweeteners for our coffee and tea.

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