Artisanal Fishing with Gerardo

Gerardo is an artisanal fisherman. With over 45 years of experience, he spends his days in the Bahia Salinas in the top northwestern corner of Costa Rica. Artisanal fishing is defined as small-scale, low-technology fishing practices that are generally undertaken by costal or island families. Gerardo starts his morning at 5am by pulling in the nets from the previous night. He then goes back to shore, cleans his catch, and then heads back out for his line fishing. Generally a single line wrapped around a small board, his style of fishing is very simple. He starts by baiting a weighted hook and simply drops the line from the edge of his boat. If his location and time are just right, it can be a very exciting process of pulling in one fish after another!

Gerardo will take you into Bahia Salinas in his small motor boat. From Puerto Soley, you can see Isla Bolaños, a beautiful bird sanctuary and excellent fishing spot. From there you will circle the island learning his fishing techniques and can spot the frigate birds (or fregatas) and pelicans above. Depending on the time of year, Bahia Salinas is a great place to see whales, dolphins, or the occasional kite surfer. The minimum number of people is set at 3 to cover fuel, bait, and labor costs. If you're group is smaller you can still book but need to reserve 3 spaces to cover operations.

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