Puerto Soley

Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

11N°2'51" 85W°40'3"

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About Puerto Soley

Puerto Soley is a traditional fishing community located 6km away from La Cruz, Guanacaste. Beach front, and lined with small dirt roads, Puerto Soley is a sleepy community that contains mostly the homes of fishermen and their families. There is a small police station and a few houses that sell freshly caught fish, ceviche, and the occasional beer.

Traveling to Puerto Soley

From the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport head east toward Route 21. From Route 21, turn left onto Route 1. Take Route 1 for about an hour following signs to La Cruz. Once arriving to La Cruz, turn left onto Av 1. Pass by Pollos Nany (on the right). At Tienda Madeline, continue onto Route 935 passing by Hotel/Hostel Casa Del Viento (on the right). Continue down this road for almost 6km. Turn right at the 2nd entrance to Puerto Soley, which is located right before a small bridge. If you are taking the bus, you can catch a bus to Liberia from the International Airport to the main bus station in Liberia. From there you can take the bus to Peñas Blancas, telling the bus driver you will be getting off in La Cruz at "la parada municipal". From The municipal bus stop you can catch a bus to El Jobo, telling the bus driver that you will be getting off at "la segunda entrada" to Puerto Soley.


While there are no hotels or restaurants in Puerto Soley there are a few option nearby and further on in El Jobo and Playa Copal.