$28 per person
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Traditional Cooking and Oxcart Farming
Culinary Experience in Argendora, Costa Rica · Hosted by Cristina

4 hours
3 - 10 people
Very Easy Difficulty
Available Mon - Sat, 12pm
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

This will be quite a treat! Depending on the day Cristina will teach you to make some of Guanacaste's most traditional dishes. This could include anything from sopa de gallina (traditional chicken soup), sopa de al bondiga (corn and meatball soup), tamales, arroz de maiz (corn rice), a traditional casado (plate dish), picadillo de chayote (chopped squash), cuajada (milk curd/cheese), tortillas or more! You will go through the process of learning some of her favorite dishes and cooking them on a wooden stove or the traditional wooden oven. After a delicious meal and lesson Cristina will demonstrate the traditional Oxcart farming technique, famous in Costa Rica. She will also take you around the remainder of her farm of chickens, seasonal vegetables, and even her tilapia!

If you have any dietary restrictions please share when you book the tour, and since her English is extremely limited it is recommended to bring the Spanish words of any allergies or dislikes written down on paper to share.

What's provided

You will be provided with all materials and tools to cook Maria Cristina's dish of the day!

What your should bring

Depending on the season, Argendora can be very rainy. Rain jackets, hats, umbrellas, rubber boots (or good hiking boots), and bug spray are all highly encouraged.


About Cristina

Maria Cristina is a busy woman! Her house seems to be constantly filled with the cutest kids of Argendora. With eight of her own children living throughout Costa Rica, and six grandchildren in Argendora Maria Cristina shared that her dream for the future was simply to sleep more. All jokes aside, her and her husband do have dreams for a larger and more productive farm in the future. She is extremely passionate about maintaining the traditions of local Guanacasteco dishes, and her grandchildren are more than excited to practice their English with you!