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$20 per person


Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 3 - 10 people
Difficulty: Very Easy
Start Time: 8am, 1pm
Weekly: Sun - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec

Alexis and Xania

English Level: None
Languages: Spanish


What's provided

You will be provided with all materials and tools to create, form, and cook traditional tortillas.

What you should bring

Depending on the season, Argendora can be very rainy. Rainjackets, hats, umberellas, rubber boots (or strong hiking boots), and bug spray are all highly encouraged.

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Bamboo Farming and Tortilla Making with Alexis and Xania

  1. Costa Rica
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  3. Guanacaste Province
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  5. Argendora

Xania is famous. She makes probably the world's greatest tortillas "palmeadas", or tortilla completely made and shaped by hand. Then they are cooked on an "fogon de leña" or a wooden stove. You will go through the whole process with her of making traditional Guanacasteco tortillas. After you will take a light walk with her husband Alexis and see his farm of plantains, yucca, sugar cane, and more. Alexis is in the process of growing an exotic bamboo farm where he hopes to someday be able to make great art and even possibly construct some cabinas for visitors. You can also add on an additional tour of the river and trails that the community has to offer.

"I came here from Monteverde to learn something different, not the tourism and cheese of my home. Argendora is like Monteverde 30 years ago. Still small, undeveloped, and pure. "
- Alexis and Xania

About Alexis and Xania

Xania and Alexis have three children who have all moved to nearby neighborhoods. Their hope is when tourism begins to develop a bit more in Argendora that they will build rustic ranch style cabins and that their daughters will return to help with the family business.

Work Experience

The community of Argendora is just starting to welcome small tours of travelers to the area. The majority of the community members here make a living off of farming and small handicrafts, but all are looking forward to what tourism will bring for their future.

Xania and Alexis love their life on their farm, and are very excited to see how tourism and the creations they will make from their bamboo farm will improve their lively hood even more.