San Pedro de Poas

Alajeula Province, Costa Rica

10N°4'35" 84W°14'42"

Entrepreneurs Around Town

About San Pedro de Poas

The town of San Pedro de Poas is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, near the Poas Volcano and a 30 minute ride from the airport. The region is largely marked by coffee plantations, however, as you near the volcano there are also large strawberry fields, as well. A few families work as local artists to sell to travelers that come through to see the crater of the volcano and there is also the presence of local milk production. The town has a beautiful central park and many surrounding local stores that sell traditional coffee-makers and coffee products. Renowned Poas National Volcano National Park is a mere 20 minutes away and only a 15 minute light walk to the crater. It is also wheelchair accessible. The park is famous for its spectacular view, biodiversity and history and visits are encouraged before 10am when the fog will set in. There are many local lodges and eco-lodges in the area, making Poas the idea spot for a ½ day or overnight trip from the airport.

Traveling to San Pedro de Poas

From San Jose take the bus to Alajuela, which run every 15 minutes or so. From Alajuela, take the bus that heads to “Poas”. Each bus is about $1, or approximately 500 colones (local currency). Get off at the central park in Poas. Someone will meet you there and then you will walk 10 minutes to the coffee farm.


Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery, Bus, Artisan Shops – All of the above.