$25 per person
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Culinary Experience in Colonia Libertad, Costa Rica · Hosted by Colonia Libertard Women's Group

4 hours
2 - 10 people
Very Easy Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 11am
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

The Women's Group are a very strong group of women who have spent a majority of their lives in rural Colonia Libertard. Come spend a day with this group of hard working and motivated women learning a bit about local horticulture and traditional cooking in Costa Rica.

Once you arrive, the women's group will give you a tour of the group house and garden. They will explain the process of gardening and what they have available and when. Next, they will present different cooking options and pick as much as they can from the garden and explain the process of preparing and cooking a traditional Costa Rican meal. Afterward, the group will all sit down together and enjoy the meal while the woman practice their english and the travelers can practice their spanish. Many times, the women have to bring their children to their days at the group house so it is always fun to interact with them. After cleaning up, you can relax with a cup of coffee (traditional cafecito).

The success of the garden depends solely on the amount of rainfall they receive. In case of a bad rainy season, please understand that they will have to supplement ingredients from nearby stores as needed.

Of course if the travelers want to stay, they can arrange home stays for a true community experience.

What's provided

The women's group has their own little house where there is all the cooking applicances needed as well as a little garden where they grow their own food when the weather permits.

What your should bring

The traveler should bring bug repellent if possible. Other than that, the weather is very unpredicatable. Sometimes rain but sometimes very hot. Maybe bring shorts and a t-shirt with a light jacket and a hat is possible.


About Colonia Libertard Women's Group

As in many parts of rural Costa Rica, women's work often focuses on domestic duties. The Colonia Libertad Women's Group was formed in 2010 to create opportunity for women and their families. With all of the knowledge these women have about farming, construction, arts and crafts, and cooking, the group has a lot of potential. The group enjoys hosting travelers in their village to share their stories and learn from others.

When there are opportunities to collaborate with other groups in the community, the women's group always does. Also, the group is always selling food or arts and crafts to the community so the relationships are very open.