$30 per person
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Cheese Making
Culinary Experience in Bijagua, Costa Rica · Hosted by Leidy

5 hours
1 - 30 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Sat, 7am
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

At Leidy and Raul’s home on the farm in rustic Bijagua, Costa Rica, you will experience how local cheese is made: from the udders of the cow to a piece on your plate. You will participate in the process from start to finish, or as much as you would like to get involved. Milking the cows starts around 7:30am, during which Raul and Leidy will explain to you how they care for the cows. These animals are a very important part of Raul’s life. While the milk settles, Raul will show you around the farm. You will see the pigs, horses, birds and chickens that make the ecosystem sustainable, as well as banana, water apple, coffee plants and more. Then you will go back inside Raul and Leidy’s hand-built wooden home and finish the cheese-making process. As you rest a bit and enjoy the cooler climate, Leidy will prepare you lunch with a side of tasty cheese- try it both fresh and fried! Feel free to ask to purchase some for the road. Oh, and don’t forget to also try the cream!

What's provided

Host will provide a light meal and of course cheese!

What your should bring

The activity is not necessarily strenuous, although you're working with cows and the area can be muddy.


About Leidy

Raul’s passion is caring for animals and Leidy is proud to be able to contribute to the family’s major source of income. They enjoy being able to spend a lot of time together, while also raising their family and doing good work. They did not have this opportunity in the past. Raul thinks that it is important for people to be able to live independently and use their passion. Their vision for the future is to produce more milk and have better quality cows and land. They do not want to grow and have 100 cows, they just want to be able to maintain their land and farm the best way they can. They want to send their 2 girls to college and be able to have a livelihood when they are too old to work.